Camp 2020 is fast approaching! We are so excited to see God move once again in the lives of our students here on the Arizona District! 


What is AZNYI Summer Camp?

Every year, our Arizona District  NYI puts together a camp for students all across Arizona and Southern Nevada. At these camps, we explore what it means to be followers of Christ, and how being His follower looks in our daily lives. In addition to this, we have an incredible amount of fun. We hold our Summer Camps in Prescott, Arizona, at our district campgrounds “Camp Pinerock”. Every year, without fail, we witness the powerful movement of the Holy Spirit move in the lives of the students involved.


What to Expect:

Camp is a time of community, activity, and worship. There will be a good amount of time spent playing games together, participating in various activites, and building relationships with one another. Expect to make new friends, mentors, and family. There will also be times of building our relationship with God, through worship experiences, breakout sessions, devotionals, and small groups. We encourage our attendees to come to camp open minded to what God may have for them. Expect God to speak into your life throughout the week, and be ready and receptive to what he has for you. 



Our theme for this year’s camp is OBLIVION. The word oblivion means the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening. It is no secret that our students are growing up in a broken world, there are several who have experienced more brokenness in their lives already than some of us will in our lifetime. At camp, we will be examining two aspects of obliviousness in our lives: for some it is our oblivion to the work that God is doing around us, and for others it is our oblivion to the brokenness throughout our world. It is easy to turn on the news and see only the evil in our world, and for some of us, it may be easy to ask “Where is God? Why isn't he working?” Our goal is to reveal the presence of God in our brokenness, and remind our students that he is working through it. In addition to this, we will bring awareness to worldwide issues that maybe some of us are unaware of, and furthermore, give our students the opportunities to do something about it. 


This Year’s Speaker:

We are excited to announce our speaker for 2020 is Kurtis Strunk! Many of you know Kurtis from his years ministering at Mesa First as youth pastor and serving AZNYI as NYI President, but that in a lot of ways was just the beginning of Kurtis' ministry. Kurtis left AZ to go into the mission field in Ecuador, where he helped plant a church. Kurtis has a kind and compassionate heart and loves working with students. His messages will lead us to a deeper understanding of Jesus, ourselves and the world around us. Together we will walk into the light of understanding, leaving behind the trappings of ignorance and OBLIVION! 


Awareness/Volunteer Fair:

On the last full day of camp, June 25, we are hosting a volunteer fair. Part of our mission in our camp this year, is to not only bring awareness to the issues around the world, but to give our students the opportunity to make a difference! We will be partnering with different organizations around the globe to host an Awareness/Volunteer Fair, that will give our students the opportunity to learn more about various issues our world is facing, and give them the opportunities to get involved in helping.


Again we are praying for a powerful movement of God, and we invite you to join us in prayer. This camp has the potential to make a big impact on our students and leaders, and we know that God is going to do great things!



June  22-26 2020


Start time: Monday, June 22, 2020

Registration opens at 10:00AM

End time: Friday, June 26, 2020

Camp ends at 11:00AM


Cost For Students

Early Bird Registration- May 1, 2020- Price: $250
Registration Due- June 1, 2020- Price: $255
Late Registration- After June 1, 2020 - Price: $260


Cost For Adult Leaders


PLNU Counselor Option:
Don’t have enough youth staff able to join you at camp this year? Don’t worry, the new PLNU Counselor option is here. You can “Rent” a counselor for the week! 

Recommended Packing List:


What to Bring:

  • 5 Days worth of clothes (Bring a few backups just in case)

  • Active or Hiking Shoes

  • Comfortable Shoes

  • An outfit that can get messy/wet

  • A Hoodie or Jacket

  • A nice Dress Outfit and a Mask (This year we are throwing a Masquerade)

  • Sunscreen

  • Swimsuit

  • Toiletries: Toothbrush, tooth paste, deodorant, shampoo, body wash 

  • Towel

  • Sleeping Bag or Bedding

  • Pillow

  • Bible

  • Optional: Spending Money

  • Optional: Reusable Water Bottle / Hydroflask


What to Leave at Home:

  • Knives, Firearms, or other Weapons

  • Any drug paraphernalia (Including e-cigs or vape)

  • Inappropriate clothing: Anything that has foul language or poorly represents Christ

  • Distractions: Anything that will keep you from fully benefiting from the life change that God has for you this week


Forms/ Documents

Camp Forms and Packet

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Love, Learn, Live, Lead